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Building a WorkView Application within Hyland OnBase

Friday, September 18, 2020

Hyland OnBase WorkView Case Management Software

WorkView Case Manager is Hyland’s best-kept secret for companies handling relational data

Hyland’s WorkView is an OnBase module that helps case workers more efficiently manage service requests, resolve issues, and qualify opportunities by tying all relevant documents, tasks, events, and other information to each case.

As a result, WorkView provides case workers a 360° view of each case within the OnBase platform and eliminates the need for spreadsheets and departmental databases.

If you are tired of running your critical business processes on spreadsheets and email, check out WorkView.

How Does It Work?

While OnBase Workflow is perfect for directing digital documents through a linear stream of processes, it does not group or analyze related data. WorkView offers contextualization of captured information (forms, applications, IDs, etc.) within virtual cases, offering real-time reporting and automation.

Think of WorkView as the “Google Street View” of digital automation. While OnBase offers linear automation and a high-level understanding of workflows (the “10,000-foot view”), WorkView provides “on-the-ground” conceptualization.

From public records to risk management, WorkView organizes and consolidates silos of data into a repository of interconnecting records. The platform is available as an on-premise solution and as a cloud version that enables collaboration of remote teams.

Key Features of OnBase WorkView

WorkView natively integrates with OnBase’s suite of products. The solution requires no installation and is licensed by user, allowing organizations to customize the application to their specific needs. Once team members are licensed, there’s no wait time or delay; you’re ready to start configuring models.

A WorkView application appears along the top navigation of the OnBase interface where users can view and analyze data. Filters and categories are customizable to your organization’s needs, allowing you to build and edit workflows. All modern OnBase installations from the last decade will support WorkView and its functions.

Key features include:

  • Data-centric solutions
  • Relate cases to documents stored in OnBase
  • WorkView items can be routed through Workflow, just like OnBase documents
  • Scalable to any size solution
  • Optimized worker productivity
  • Streamlined, intuitive interface
  • Reduced cycle time by 10x
  • On-site and web versions
  • Real-time reporting

How to Get Started

A WorkView application starts with data. Do you have a spreadsheet containing a list of all your customers, projects or vendors? You can use those sheets to create your WorkView models and import your current data all at once.

Data can come from any tabular source: upload data in Excel spreadsheets, manually enter contained data sets, or link an external database to the platform. These tables are the foundation for your new WorkView project. From here, WorkView allows users to organize data by columns and rows, classify the fields, and more, linking together related tables to build case-specific files.

Users can access top-level views of data and create drill-down reports with subcategories of a specific “case.” WorkView has the capacity for both one-time reporting as well as live dashboards to monitor ongoing projects. For complex, larger cases, users can build interrelated dashboards tailored to their exact needs.

For example, your Vendor table can link to your Purchase Order table, which can link to your Shipping Address table. No need to repeat related information – store, manage and report from a single source.

Configuration of WorkView typically takes a few minutes to a few days, depending on the size and scope of the project.

Work with an Experienced Automation Partner

ISSI is a platinum reseller of Hyland software, and our teams have deep expertise in designing and configuring digital automation solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. With over 25 years of experience, ISSI is proud to support productivity through automation.

With WorkView, companies can reduce cycle time by over 10x, condensing a process that once took four days into mere minutes. Experience increased accessibility and productivity with live reporting, automated case management, and more – when implemented by an experienced OnBase partner like ISSI.

Contact us to learn more about OnBase WorkView