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Hyland OnBase Moves to Subscription Pricing for On-Premise & Cloud

Sunday, October 3, 2021

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As of October, 1 2021, subscription pricing is now available for both cloud and on-premise versions of Hyland OnBase. Subscription pricing supports on-premise licenses of OnBase that are hosted in a private cloud as well.

Prior to this announcement, only OnBase Cloud (formerly OnBase Online – OBAL) software was available via subscription.

Opex vs. Capex

When software subscriptions are charged on a monthly basis, they become operational rather than capital expenses.

Advantages of opex over capex include:

  • Full deductibility in the tax year in which they are incurred
  • No one has to calculate and apply depreciation
  • Costs are spread out over time vs. large lump sums up front and at different time intervals
  • Low upfront costs make budgeting, cost justifications and approvals easier
  • Greater flexibility to increase or decrease usage and charges
  • Recurring charges can be paid by credit card vs. manually by invoice and check

Migration to the Cloud

While you can take advantage of subscription pricing for on-premise OnBase, you may want to consider migrating to OnBase Cloud. The advantages of doing so are numerous but here are the highlights:

  • Opex vs. capex as described above
  • Immediate cost savings (compared to the old on-premises pricing model)
  • Improved security
  • Automated backups
  • Easier to add modules and users
  • The option to use ISSI OnBase managed services

Get Started Today

If you need help converting your OnBase on-premise licensing to a subscription or want to migrate to the cloud, contact us today.

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