Workflow Automation Deployment

Discover the path from proof-of-concept to full deployment, beginning with a single department and continuing throughout the enterprise. There are two paths of deployment, which can happen in parallel or in series.

Document Scanning

All of our document scanning projects adhere to our Chain of Custody & Closed Loop Scanning Process:

  • We catalog every document prior to removing them from your location
  • We conduct a file-level audit and manifest that identifies every document in every box – this allows you to match them up with your database to identify missing documents and exceptions, known as “orphans”; it also ensures chain-of-custody prior to scanning
  • Scanning is done all at once, over time or on-demand
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Workflow Automation

  • Software installation: deployment starts with a baseline, unconfigured implementation with professional services to customize
  • Migration: this step starts with content by extracting and converting existing documents and importing them; then moves to process – studying and documenting existing processes and considering them for automation
  • User acceptance testing: allows end-users to try the new system in a test environment
  • Training and documentation: includes formal and informal training, on a pre-launch basis
  • Production deployment: implementation of the perfected solution in production and confirming import processes
  • Go-live: involves a single-day roll-out or department-by-department roll-out

Next Steps

Contact us if you want to work smarter and elevating your productivity but don’t yet have a workflow automation or deployment strategy to do so.

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