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Document Scanning Best Practice: Chain of Custody & Closed Loop Processing

Monday, June 3, 2019

Document Scanning Best Practice: Chain of Custody & Closed Loop Processing

If you want to outsource scanning of a large volume of documents – invoices, financial records, employee files, court documents, medical charts, student records, lab notes, etc. – how can you be sure that everything actually gets scanned? How do you know if there are missing documents before your scanning provider picks them up? Following scanning, will you be given audit trail documentation that proves all documents were received, scanned and returned?

In addition to providing excellent service levels during prepping, scanning, indexing, and quality control, ISSI can also offer a formal chain-of-custody process to validate file integrity of the document scanning process from start to finish. We call this “Closed Loop Scanning” and believe that it is central for effective records management and information governance.

With Closed Loop Scanning, we never lose a file and our clients always know where their physical documents are located, especially if a single document needs to be accessed while in our possession and prior to scanning. This also gives organizations with sensitive documents a secure option to scan offsite, which can create significant cost savings while maintaining file integrity.

How Close Loop Scanning Works

Our team will come to your location and catalog every document prior to removing them from the premises. This includes a file-level audit and manifest that identifies every document in every box. This allows you to match them up with your database to identify missing documents and exceptions, known as “orphans.” This ensures chain-of-custody prior to scanning.

We have performed Closed Loop Scanning to meet the information security requirements of our largest clients, including Norfolk Southern, Southern Company, Mecklenburg County (Charlotte) NC, and others. Referring to tens of millions of records, the Norfolk Southern project leader noted that ISSI had “never lost or misplaced a single file.”


  • ISSI handles all packing and relocation of files
  • ISSI provides detailed file level chain-of-custody audit onsite prior to relocation
  • ISSI provides detailed file-level inventory to client
  • Close Loop Scanning ensures 100% file integrity

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Closed Loop Scanning ensures that nothing gets lost, from start to finish, and this is our most comprehensive document scanning service.

Whether you need Closed Loop and/or onsite, offsite or on-demand scanning, we can help you determine the best fit document scanning service for you. Contact us to start the process today.

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