Crowley ODS Book Scanner

Crowley ODS Book Scanner

More Image Quality. More Portability. Less Cost.

The Crowley Company has introduced their first manufactured overhead document scanner (ODS), now available from ISSI – one of Crowley’s leading resellers and integrators.

The Crowley ODS sports a simple yet effective design that brings together the renowned engineering excellence found in the company’s Mekel Technology and Wicks and Wilson production microfilm scanners and pairs it with decades of experience in the library, corporate and government sectors at an affordable price from ISSI.

ODS Scanner Highlights

Designed for walk-up users (students, patrons, researchers, staff), the sturdy construction and 18 MP CMOS sensor with high intensity wide angle LEDs ensures quick scan time and high image quality on scans from:

  • Large documents
  • Bound books
  • Spiral notebooks
  • Lab books
  • Binders
  • Photographs
  • Graphic arts
  • More

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