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What Is Hyperscience & How Does It Work?

Monday, November 30, 2020

Hyperscience Intellient Document Processing Software

ISSI now offers the Hyperscience Intelligent Document Processing platform the forefront of capture automation technology.

When adding new software to our suite of technological solutions, we look for what makes it stand out and what unique problems it can solve. Hyperscience’s proprietary machine learning models and powerful optical character recognition (OCR) technology bring unparalleled data extraction capability for handwritten forms, along with other structured and semi-structured documents.

The platform boasts superior performance reporting, built-in quality assurance, and high-level extraction for accurate – and fast – document capture and analysis. Speed up your time to value with a platform that is up and running in a matter of weeks with 75-95% out-of-the-box automation.

How Hyperscience Works: Document Capture Reimagined

Hyperscience is a cloud-based, input-to-outcome platform that automates document-based workflows, capturing both physical and digital documents to extract data for analysis. With an open API, an intuitive interface, and pre-trained models, the platform easily integrates with your current business systems to create a truly automated, digital workflow.

Hyperscience has reimagined the traditional scanning model, replacing the need for human verification with intelligent technology that learns as it goes. When first implemented, the platform provides a minimum accuracy of 75% – in a matter of weeks, the software can exceed 99%.

Using a simple model-based solution or built from the ground up, the platform offers automation of previously manual tasks, helping to save time and resources that can be repurposed to more strategic efforts.

The platform provides support in three key areas:


  • Save 89% of hours spent on previously manual tasks
  • Recoup 6-figure savings

Risk Mitigation

  • 67% reduction in human errors
  • 94% straight-through processing with 99% data accuracy


  • 4-5x increase in throughput
  • 75-95% Automation out of the box

Hyperscience for OCR & Advanced Capture

Just five years ago, the concept of digitally capturing hand-written documents seemed inconceivable, but with the advancements in machine learning capabilities, the future of automation is officially here.

Hyperscience is the ideal platform for capturing and analyzing a mixture of printed and structured forms, applications, and more. Given its ability to accurately capture handwritten data, the platform is a favorite among customer-to-business model organizations, such as a government agency collecting applications for permits or a university needing to process a high volume of scholarship forms.

With the help of machine learning, organizations can achieve touchless business processes at a fraction of the time and cost of manual labor. Hyperscience integrates with your other automation platforms, such as OnBase, to create a seamless workflow of digitized documents.

The End of Verification

The Hyperscience data capture model combines world-class OCR with machine learning field templates. This allows Hyperscience to meet and exceed human-keyed data extraction quality.

The Hyperscience process is optimized for straight-through processing. A Hyperscience deployment front-loads human verification work so that the model gets smart fast. Once properly trained, a Hyperscience process can run without human intervention. The Hyperscience application will monitor itself, tracking its accuracy, and only flag fields that cannot be interpreted by the model. This automation-first approach can practically eliminate the need for routine data verification in your data extraction process.

An Experienced Document Workflow Partner

ISSI is an experienced reseller of document capture and management technology, robotic process automation (RPA), and many other workflow automation solutions. With over 25 years of knowledge and expertise, our team works closely with clients to develop and implement both on-premise and cloud-based technology.

Automating a flawed process will only make you do the wrong things faster. An experienced document workflow partner should not only understand the front end of document capture and data extraction, but the backend of storage, automation, retrieval, records management, and more. At ISSI, our approach to workflow automation is holistic, helping clients to experience the end-to-end impact of workflow automation.

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