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Two Digital Vault Success Stories

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Two Document Digital Vault Success Stories

Did you know that, if you have a large backfile of documents, you don’t have to scan them all at once to have them available digitally when you need them?

This is possible with our customizable and flexible Digital Vault document scanning service.

What Is Digital Vault?

Digital Vault from ISSI combines our Scan-on-Demand and Closed Loop scanning services.

Scan-on-Demand Document Scanning

Scan-on-demand refers to organizing and storing your documents at one of our secure facilities and scanning them only when needed vs. scanning them all at once. Scan-on-demand is especially useful if you:

  • Need a quick turnaround for specific files
  • Need an option to spread scanning costs over a longer period of time
  • Find the cost of conversion of the entire file inventory prohibitive
  • Need to quickly free up internal office space

We can customize our service to meet your needs – allowing you to save a bundle. Learn more about our Scan-on-Demand service here…

Closed Loop Document Scanning

Closed loop refers to our formal chain-of-custody process that validates the file integrity of our document scanning process from start to finish. We believe that it is central for effective records management and information governance.

Our team will come to your location and catalog every document prior to removing them from the premises. We will conduct a file-level audit and create a manifest that identifies every document in every box. This allows you to match them up with your database to identify missing documents and exceptions, known as “orphans,” and also ensures chain-of-custody prior to scanning.

Two Digital Vault Client Examples

Below are two examples of how ISSI clients use our Digital Vault document scanning service.

Southeastern County Court

A court system in the Southeast had an open records system but didn’t have enough video cameras to monitor people who checked out court files. They worried that evidence and records could be removed without authorization. To protect its files, the court turned to ISSI and our Digital Vault program.
We started by conducting a document audit of 75,000 case files from 1996-2016, and provided them with digital access upon request. Our agreement calls for documents to be scanned upon demand within 4-24 hours, though our clients have the option of narrower or broader windows depending on the right balance between responsiveness and cost. Physical documents are never removed from our vault (all hard copies are kept in our secure facility), and documents are only duplicated from their digital format – this is what we mean by Closed Loop. The court has since re-purposed the space taken up by filing cabinets for more office space, and new case files are e-filed as per state mandate.

The Best Part: the system has paid for itself. The court charges for duplicating records and these charges have paid for the entire cost of the system

Outpatient Surgery Center Client

This regional outpatient surgery practice operates 27 offices and HIPAA requires that they secure their entire chart system, which they have opted to do in our facility. They have generated over 300,000 paper charts. As part of our Digital Vault scanning service using our Closed Loop process, we created a detailed inventory of each chart that includes the patient name, number, date, and office location.

Prior to a patient appointment, the staff at each office submits a request to pull patient charts, which we scan on demand within an hour if an urgent request or by next day depending on requirements. As a result, the surgery center satisfies HIPAA, gets their charts exactly when they need them. To date, they have spent a fraction of the $1 million it would have cost to scan all of their charts at one time.

Get a Digital Vault Quote Today

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