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Transform Log File Data with ABBYY Timeline Process Intelligence Software

Monday, November 16, 2020

ABBYY Timeline Process Automation Software

When users interact with an operating system, software platform, or another digital application, data about the event, including the type, time, and content of the interaction, is automatically captured.

From loan applications to mortgage approvals, employee onboarding, help desk tickets, and more, these logged, time-based records possess valuable information. But without the proper technology to collect, sort, and codify this data, analysis can prove difficult – if not impossible.

ABBYY Timeline is a powerful analysis and process intelligence software that facilitates visibility of your high-volume process data using visual modeling – and is now available as part of the ISSI solution suite. This cloud-based, subscription software costs a fraction of other business intelligence (BI) solutions, yet provides comparable analysis, optimization, and forecasting of the collected data.

How Does It Work?

Process data is captured from a customer’s interaction with a digital application, such as an e-form. The application automatically records the time and type of transaction, which is stored in log file format – a format that, to most, is unintelligible. However, with the right software, this data transforms into rich analysis.

ABBYY Timeline: How It Works

Discover & Map

Timeline extracts data from databases and log files, tracking specific events across multiple systems of record (e.g. ERP, CRM, document management) before visually modeling the data to identify variations from the ideal process flow.

Analyze & Optimize

Log files contain overwhelming volumes of data on every person, step, and workstation involved in a process. ABBYY Timeline can quickly and automatically parse this information to identify bottlenecks, errors, and other issues within your workflows.

Monitor & Alert

Once process inefficiencies are identified, Timeline allows organizations to set rules to alert staff or automate remediation of predicted errors, effectively eliminating flawed variations before they occur.

Predict & Forecast

In the age of robotic process automation (RPA), software like Timeline prevents you from automating an already-faulty process, while providing insight into improving your existing workflows. For the best results, combine process mining with machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve full integration, automated insights, and process forecasting.

Who Can Benefit from ABBYY Timeline?

ABBYY Timeline is a powerful process analysis tool for organizations looking to refine their applications of RPA while analyzing existing data for a comprehensive understanding of current business processes.


In the healthcare industry, for example, Timeline provides key insight into the patient experience. For emergency room visits and admissions, Timeline can identify the length of check-in time to reshape intake processes and improve wait times.

Financial Services

in the financial sector, the software can help improve the process of mortgage origination, other loan applications, new account onboarding, and more.


Timeline can bring in process data from your financial, ERP, production control, and shipping systems to present a bird’s eye view of your entire process.

Customer Service

Spot customer satisfaction risks before they become angry tweets. Timeline can provide alerts when a customer request has fallen through the cracks or has been routed through the same process multiple times. Timeline can help you experiment with changes to staff or process on paper before you start making expensive reorganizations.

Considering Process Automation?

Timeline coalesces data from disparate systems, transforming nondescript log files into detailed process analysis with minimal effort. From these insights, organizations learn how to better implement RPA, along with how to improve their existing solutions.

Timeline will help you build a high-level model of interdependent RPA systems. Experiment with different numbers of robots or new automations to see how your process responds. Not only does this provide time and cost savings, it allows organizations to make informed decisions, rather than blind guesses, about their RPA technology.

Timeline Empowers Organizations to Make Informed Decisions

Don’t rely on anecdotal data, “anecdata,” to make hiring, software acquisition, equipment purchasing, or other decisions. Timeline will transform your raw data into a modeled workflow that maps technology for sustainable, enterprise-wide process excellence.

ABBYY Timeline is the ideal complement to RPA technology, assisting you with pre- and post-implementation, as well as enterprise scalability. By monitoring enterprise-wide business processes in real time, the software establishes a compliance and risk governance framework to help monitor RPA across your entire organization.

Let us know how we can assist you in implementing advanced process intelligence software within your organization.

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