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Top Quality Document Scanning Services at Sensible Market Prices

Thursday, May 9, 2013

With all the improvements in document scanning technology, quality images are pretty easy to generate when scanning documents—even at speeds of 150 pages per minute. What keeps our clients coming back is not just the high image quality, but also the quality of our processes, which differentiates us from other service providers.

Quality is not something that you stumble upon, but is the result of a deliberate and continuous process that requires an ongoing commitment to excellence over the long-term. Regardless of your project size, we deliver great images to your specifications through our high quality processes at an affordable price.

Document Scanning from Beginning to End

We know that your documents represent mission-critical information. We treat them the same way that you do. We encourage our customers to audit our processes to assure transparency and accountability. After agreeing to a scope of services, our processes ensure that your documents are handled properly, every step of the way:

  • Pick-Up: ensuring that all boxes are accounted for at your facility via Chain of Custody at every step
  • ISSI Check-In: compare your manifest to box contents, then highlight and quickly resolve any differences
  • Accountability: provide historical tracking of everyone who touched the documents throughout the process, date and time stamped
  • Quality Assurance: from image quality to indexing accuracy, we make sure that it meets your high standards
  • Delivery: confirm that all images are delivered, and that they can be uploaded to your document management system
  • Destruction (optional): upon authorization, assure that your documents have been appropriately destroyed, and provide proof for your records

Document Scanning Solutions Regardless of Size

We have successfully completed conversion projects for Fortune 100 organizations, as well as small businesses. Some projects are extraordinarily complex, requiring integration with line of business applications. Some projects are straightforward, beginning with the words, “I just want to get rid of these filing cabinets.” Every organization has a different business driver (and budget) for needing to convert their paper documents to an electronic format. Our process ensures that you receive the highest quality solution at a price that makes sense.

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