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The Road to Digital Transformation: Reimagine the Constituent Experience

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Today, 89% of adults use the internet, so serving constituents is about accommodating them online. We know that simply providing PDF forms to download was never a real online solution.

Instead, constituents want to easily submit and track their requests and services online from end-to-end. Online submission and request tracking can transform the constituent experience from start to finish.

Advantages of online request tracking include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved transparency
  • Reduced security threats
  • Lower cost
  • Continuity of operations in the event of natural or man-made work disruptions
  • Increased constituent satisfaction

Digital Transformation Steps for Government

Ready to begin the digital transformation journey for your department? Follow these digital transformation steps to get to your destination faster.

1. Choose a Test Case

Analyze data across departments to look for services with the highest volume of transactions, processes with revenue implications, or areas with high levels of resident dissatisfaction.

2. Know Your Challenge Inside & Out

Assess the process as it currently functions. Map the course out from beginning to end from the perspectives of your constituents, your staff, and your management. Ask yourself, do I know where and when the work is getting done and who is responsible for it? Is your team empowered to act proactively when conditions change?

3. People, Process, or Technology?

Ask yourself, are the pain points in your current process the result of people, process, or technology? Digital transformation should consider management transformation first and technology second.

4. Choose a Technology Provider

Invest in technology that can integrate into what already exists. Beware of products that require extensive customization. A technology solution should address the entire process, end to end.

5. Abandon Paper

Where practical, start the transaction digitally and use automation to track data and progress across departments. Manage artifacts digitally and capture the final decision in a repository that keeps a record of the entire process.

6. Know your ROI

Success! You’ve transformed a process and enhanced the experience of your constituents. Now it’s time to grow. Compare the former process with the transformation. Measure reductions in time, backlogs of work, constituent satisfaction, and quality of record retention.

7. Learn. Act. Repeat

After celebrating the successful transformation of one process, take what you learned, prioritize other projects, and consider how your organization could benefit from an enterprise-wide solution.

Digital Transformation Assessment

Whether you are ready to start your journey or have gotten stuck, the ISSI digital transformation experts are here to help. Share your challenges and opportunities with us and we can help you identify the right mix of process, technology and people to achieve your goals.

Contact us to learn more about digital transformation