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Streamline & Automate Your Clinic’s Back Office

Friday, August 6, 2021

Stacks of HIPAA authorization forms, invoices, HR forms, EOBs, and other paper documents often plague the back offices of healthcare clinics. The right technology, from an experienced partner, can reduce errors and lost files, boost productivity, and give you more time to focus on patient care and expanding your practice.

Office managers struggling under the burden of disparate paperwork can attest to the stress – and dysfunctionality – of handling paper documents as well as the deluge of email and attachments.

Without the right technology, it can be difficult to juggle all this back-office paperwork – particularly for eye, oral, facial, ENT, dental, and other medical clinics with multiple locations. Fortunately, streamlining both accounts payable processes and human resources has never been easier or more cost effective than today when you work with an experienced partner and with the right technology.

Go Paperless

The first step to streamlining and automating anything is to get rid of the paper, which is always a risk of being lost or damaged in a flood, fire, or other disaster.

If you have a large backfile volume, we recommend that you outsource it to a document scanning service bureau, especially one that will work with you to inventory what needs to be scanned and can securely destroy the rest.

Documents can be scanned as searchable PDFs or TIFFs so they can be instantly found later, especially if they are uploaded to document management software.

Cloud document management software is preferable because authorized users can access every document from anywhere, anytime – from home, while traveling, and in the office. Cloud document management can be deployed with zero IT support.

We recommend using a dedicated document scanner to digitize all inbound paper documents that need to be processed or archived

Boost Productivity

For both scanned paper documents and email with attachments, advanced document capture software that can automatically extract invoice amounts, patient names, procedure codes, account numbers, and other data. This information can be automatically populated into your clinic management software (incredibly cost-effective using RPA), and workflow automation can route documents and data to others for processing and approval.

The Automated Clinic Back Office

To summarize, the following components are critical for streamlining and automating clinic operations:

Get Started Today

We know that navigating technology options can be overwhelming, especially for clinics going through periods of acquisition and growth and those looking to implement automation for the first time. That is why we developed the ISSI Workflow Automation Assessment: it’s the fastest, most comprehensive way to determine what combination of technology (and services) will make your life better and can be cost-justified. Roll-out can start in one department like AP or HR and spread to other departments once early successes are achieved.

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