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OnBase 17 Now Available

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hyland OnBase Document Management Software

What’s New in OnBase 17?
OnBase 17 incorporates 3,500 customer-driven changes, features and enhancements developed from over 1.3 million hours of research and development, including thousands of regression tests. This is all in an effort to equip organizations to thrive in the ever-evolving information management space.

Most noticeably, Hyland has completely enhanced the user experience across our clients – modernizing the user interface and improving navigation and usability throughout the platform.

Enhancement Highlights

OnBase enhancements for both end-users and administrators include:

  • New document capture functionality expedites scanning and indexing
  • Enhanced BPM tools to enable parallel processing right out of the box
  • Extended geolocation functionality across the platform
  • Changes to e-forms capabilities that give administrators more with design and management
  • Significant enhancements to integrations with DocuSign, Guidewire, Esri, AutoCAD, and SAP
  • Improvements to make it easier to implement two-factor authentication for enhanced security


If you’re on OnBase 14 or earlier, you will have to pay an extra maintenance fee, so contact us to learn more about what’s involved in upgrading so that we can help you get the transition into your plans.

If you’re on OnBase 15 or 16, we can discuss all of the new features and interface so that you can determine the right time to upgrade.

iCare from ISSI

The OnBase professional services experts at ISSI can design an operational services program that will optimize the performance of your OnBase installation and ensure the results you expect from your investment in document management, workflow automation and enterprise content management (ECM).

Known as “iCare,” this optional service from ISSI plugs the gap between the standard maintenance and support as part of your annual contract and development projects so that you get the most out of everything OnBase has to offer.

Contact us for a demo or quote of Hyland OnBase software