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ISSI Adds Touchless Processing to Workflow Automation Arsenal

Thursday, January 16, 2020

ISSI partners with KnowledgeLake to offer Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology to further minimize human intervention in document and data entry-intensive processes for AP, AR, HR, Legal, and beyond

Imaging Solutions and Services, Inc. (ISSI), a leading provider of both workflow automation technology solutions and business process outsourcing (BPO) services, is proud to announce the addition of KnowledgeLake RPA to its automation technology suite – as both a software solution and RPA as a service (RPAaaS). RPA helps eliminate repetitive, mind-numbing and error-prone work so employees can focus on higher-value tasks.

KnowledgeLake RPA Service

KnowledgeLake is dedicated to creating intelligent content automation technology and managed services that dramatically increase user productivity and reduces data entry errors. KnowledgeLake’s RPA service is used across many industries by organizations seeking to break down barriers between systems and allow people to access all the data they need, when and where they need it.

KnowledgeLake RPA allows organizations of all sizes to automate and integrate existing processes and applications without modifications or help from software vendors. KnowledgeLake provides both attended (desktop), and unattended (batch), RPA technology that can be scaled to automate any volume.

3 Main Uses of KnowledgeLake RPA

  1. Automate Manual Tasks: reduce the need for manual processing and empower users to manage errors in the automated flow—there is no need to involve IT for every exception
  1. Reduce Connectivity Complexity: limit the complexity and risk involved with traditional integration methods; leverage RPA to connect content management tools to line-of-business systems while continuing to support business logic controls often baked into the user interface (and subverted by API integrations)
  1. Innovate Quickly & Easily: administrators automate and improve key processes using a single web-based portal for tasks like monitoring, execution, scheduling, and updating of all “bots”

Learn more about KnowledgeLake RPA software here…

The ISSI Workflow Automation Suite

KnowledgeLake RPA complements ISSI’s suite of workflow automation technology that reduces manual document sorting, routing and data entry. ISSI’s workflow automation suite includes:

  • Document scanning, advanced document capture, and optical character recognition (OCR) automation
  • AP, HR and other departmental workflow automation
  • Automated document retention scheduling as part of Hyland OnBase document management software

ISSI’s workflow automation suite allows you to recoup thousands of hours of productivity that can be put to use for higher value work by processing more invoices, POs, employee forms, contracts, and other documents without human intervention – this is what ISSI means by “touchless processing.”

KnowledgeLake RPA software pricing from ISSI is based on a transactional usage subscription model instead of the number of bots or automations, making it more cost-effective than other RPA alternatives – and more productive because you can flexibly scale the number of bots needed based on demand versus force fitting your demand into a static number of bots or servers. RPA-as-a-Service is priced as a subscription (managed service) from ISSI and is for users who see value in ISSI proactively maintaining and developing new bots or whose transaction volume is unpredictable or fluctuates significantly.

Next Steps

ISSI offers a workflow automation assessment that identifies document and data-processing problems and recommends the right combination of advanced capture, RPA, workflow automation and other technology – including business process outsourcing (BPO) services – to solve them, increase employee productivity, enhance customer service, and delight stakeholders.

If you’d like to see how KnowledgeLake RPA can help automate your cross-application workflows, contact ISSI for a workflow automation assessment or KnowledgeLake RPA demo.

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