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Introducing Fujitsu NX Cloud Scanning, Hosted by ISSI

Friday, July 30, 2021

Fujitsu fi-7300NX Scanner

Do you struggle with unwieldy paper-based workflows that could be streamlined with one-touch scanning to the cloud – with no PC required?

ISSI offers Fujitsu NX cloud scanning and hosting, making remote scanning easier and more effective than ever.

Turnkey Remote Scanning

Scan with Fujitsu fi-7300NX network scanners directly to the cloud from home or office —with no computers, servers or reliance upon IT—and full integration with your document management/storage system. Just sign on and scan with images stored in OneDrive, SharePoint Online or your cloud document management software.

The Fujitsu fi-7300NX uses the same scanning engine as the fi-7160, used by over 1 million users worldwide who prize its ease-of-use and low maintenance requirements.

Deployment of Fujitsu NX cloud scanning is fast and setup is easy. For effortless deployment, let the ISSI team help. ISSI can facilitate setup and host the Fujitsu NX Manager cloud platform that enables the entire system.

New Generation Scanner Overcomes the Status Quo

Traditional scanning requires a computer, TWAIN drivers, installation and maintenance – and the scanning runs over your network, which can be slow, taxing your network beyond acceptable limits. Scanner firmware and software also requires frequent updates by your IT department, which is likely to be less familiar with scanning technology.

Fujitsu NX Platform Diagram

If you have multiple locations scanning from copiers/MFPs, Fujitsu NX cloud scanning offers faster scanning speed, superior image quality, destination support, reduced IT and maintenance costs, and a smaller footprint (it fits on a shelf or a desk corner) – all around, a far more cost-effective system.

Example Use

Fujitsu NX cloud scanning is used in a wide variety of industries where paper documents need to be scanned, often from where they originate.

Examples include:

  • A car dealership with over 80 locations that now scans customer documents without ever having to FedEx docs to corporate again
  • An auto repair company with over 70 locations scans customer repair receipts daily instead of having to FedEx them to corporate every week – saving over $75,000 per year
  • A retirement home with seven locations uses Fujitsu NX cloud scanning to eliminate PC scanning and now receives client documents from offsite employees much faster
  • A transportation company can set up new scanning jobs (frequently needed) instead of relying on IT

Experience the New Scanning Efficiency

No organization wants its employees and IT staff using time to scan paper documents that could be focused on processing them instead, among other higher-level tasks.

Fujitsu NX cloud scanning lets you make better use of your time at a cost that is quickly recouped in added productivity. Shift from on-premise to cloud scanning today.

Contact us to learn more about Fujitsu NX cloud scanning and hosting