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ImageNow Admins: Here’s How to Pull off a Seamless Migration

Monday, September 13, 2021

For current users of Perceptive Software’s ImageNow, it may be time to consider moving to a new document management platform with the help of an experienced partner.  

ImageNow was acquired in 2017 by Hyland, leading many existing users to seek out alternative document management solutions.

OnBase, Hyland’s flagship document management product, provides the speed and functionality organizations need. With ISSI’s implementation support and customer service, organizations can seamlessly transition to a platform that brings true automation.

ImageNow vs. OnBase: Why Make the Switch?

ISSI has worked with clients across industries to replace ImageNow with OnBase – and we’ve learned from many of them about what worked and what didn’t. For many, ImageNow fell short on the “blocking and tackling” aspects of document management.

For example, compared to other platforms, ImageNow has a restricted number of user-defined keywords that can be associated with a document, limiting the strength of your search functionality, and reducing your flexibility in building a solution. Additionally, these user-defined keywords cannot be formatted to a specific data type (date, name, etc.) or constrained to a specific number of characters. Without these capabilities, keywords are often long, unreliable, and inconsistent.

Some ImageNow users have become frustrated with the lack of intuitive functionality and challenges with getting technical support for the platform. In contrast, ISSI provides complete implementation, support and troubleshooting for OnBase, ensuring that your solution is optimized for your organization.

Upgrade to OnBase with the Help of an Experienced Partner

With the help of an experienced partner such as ISSI, your organization can transition to a new platform without gaps in service. We work closely with our clients to perform remote or onsite discovery, understand your needs, and facilitate a fast and seamless migration from ImageNow. ISSI also supports migrations from these other legacy document management systems (just to name a few):

  • ApplicationXtender
  • Cabinet NG
  • Documentum
  • FileNet
  • Global 360
  • IBM Content Manager
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • OpenText
  • Oracle WebCenter

From reduced operating costs to improved cash flow, faster audits, and more, OnBase saves time and money while automating the management of your critical business documents in a secure, searchable platform. After switching to OnBase, clients report increased productivity, functionality, and ROI of their document management solution.

As an agile, professional, knowledgeable, and service-driven organization, ISSI will provide personable, direct support to your teams.

OnBase Brings Faster, More Productive Automation to Your Organization

Empower your teams with the document management solution they need. Available as a cloud platform or an on-premise solution, OnBase collates your important business documents into a single repository accessible to all employees – including remote ones.

ISSI is a top partner and value-added reseller of OnBase with decades of experience in facilitating a seamless transition to a robust document management solution, as well as providing ongoing support to keep your productivity – and ROI – high.

Contact us to learn more about document management migration