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Hyland OnBase Unity vs. Web Client

Monday, May 10, 2021

Hyland OnBase Foundation

The Hyland OnBase document management, workflow automation and case management software platform provides you with a variety of software interfaces to meet the needs of your users and your environment. All of these clients allow you to perform powerful searches to find your information and provide a rich set of tools for interacting with, editing and managing your data.

Here are the three main client interfaces and how they compare:

  • Web Client (Web Server): a cross-browser, web-based interface that provides access to remote employees, extranet partners and public customers, supporting both http and https; it’s easy to deploy, allows customizable portal views of your content and is further used to extend documents and e-forms to everyone that needs access, even those without an OnBase login; it’s meant for occasional users or those who only need to view documents
  • Thick Client (on-premise version of OnBase): a feature-rich, Windows-based application, optimized for maximum efficiency and speed when working with and processing high volumes of documents on the same high-speed network as the OnBase infrastructure; it’s meant for users who scan documents, import multiple document types or doing quality assurance testing on scanned documents
  • Unity Client: offers the look and feel of Microsoft Office with intuitive ribbon-style toolbars, tabs and easy access to features that require little training to use; individual users can personalize their interface to quickly access the forms and functions they use most often; installation and administration are simplified with deployment options that support ClickOnce technology and both on-premise or hosted environments; it’s meant for users who work with your organization’s critically important records

Further information for both Unity Client and Web Server are reviewed below.

Unity Client

OnBase Unity Client is the next generation OnBase desktop application, offering the familiar look‑and‑feel of Microsoft Office products. With intuitive ribbon‑style toolbars and tabs and easy access to features, users can easily navigate and perform their primary job tasks with little‑to‑no training. Unity Client also enables individual users to personalize their interface in order to quickly access the forms and functions they use most often. Installation and administration are simplified with WAN optimized deployment options that support ClickOnce (or MSI) technology for both on‑premise or hosted environments.


  • Simplifies OnBase access, promoting ease‑of‑use by presenting OnBase features where users expect to ind them
  • Increases adoption and minimizes training and support, leveraging user‑familiarity with Windows Office products
  • Improves productivity by providing a personalized, task‑centric interface with integrated Work low functionality
  • Saves IT deployment time and costs with rapid rollout and upgrades using Microsoft’s ClickOnce technology
  • Works the way organizations require—from platform to features—with hosted, on‑premise and of line solutions

Learn more about Web Server here.


Hyland OnBase Unity Client Design

Web Server

OnBase Web Server provides users with secure, web‑based access to enterprise data, documents, and real‑time interaction with business processes from anywhere and at anytime. The OnBase Web Server can improve the ways you conduct business with customers, constituents, students, extranet partners, and remote employees. Web browsers function as secure internet or intranet clients that connect to a centrally managed OnBase Web Server.


  • Remote and public access for external users via standard internet browsers
  • Centralized administration: server‑based as opposed to client‑based
  • Customization is supported using standard development technologies
  • Browser ease‑of‑use reduces the need for end‑user training
  • Personalization is easily accomplished with point‑and‑click configurable interfaces


Hyland OnBase Web Server

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