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Hyland OnBase Foundation & New Product Release Strategy

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Hyland OnBase Foundation

Hyland recently announced that OnBase Foundation is now available instead of OnBase 2019.

Especially those that missed Hyland CommunityLIVE 2019, many have wondered: what is Foundation? How does it compare to OnBase 2018 and before? Is Foundation something in addition to OnBase?

This blog explains what OnBase Foundation is and what may be most important about it for you.

What is OnBase Foundation & What Happened to OnBase 19?

In recent years, Hyland would issue an annual release of OnBase with the version based on the year – i.e. OnBase 18 released in 2018. Because of its active development roadmap, Hyland would like to release new versions as “OnBase enhancement packs” on a quarterly basis so that upgrading is much easier, even across large enterprises, and so you always have the latest and greatest features, user experience enhancements, fixes, and security patches while reducing the need for custom scripting and professional services.

The OnBase Foundation Enhancement Pack (EP) 2—the first non-long-term release (LTR) version—is now available and could be considered “OnBase 2019” though that versioning convention is now retired.

In addition, Hyland will release OnBase “long-term stability packs” – for those that update OnBase once a year, upgrading to a stability pack vs. enhancement pack is the way to go. According to Hyland, “OnBase Foundation is the most feature-rich, secure, and forward-looking version of OnBase to date.”

OnBase Foundation represents a new product versioning strategy across Hyland’s portfolio of products. According to Hyland CEO Bill Primer, “This release empowers you with a foundation to strengthen your solutions today while equipping you for the future. This strategy includes more frequent software releases and provides a path to the future for your Hyland solution, whether you are deployed on-premises or in the cloud.” Learn more in the OnBase Foundation webinar.

OnBase Foundation is also ideal for Windows 7 desktop users that need to upgrade since it will reach end-of-life (EOL) on January 14, 2020.

Why Is Hyland Doing This?

Hyland is following the recent trend of on-premise software vendors to issue new product releases more often, in part to keep up with cloud software vendors that frequently release enhancements. All of the above affects both OnBase On-Premise and OnBase Cloud, with upgrades to the latter to continue being under user control and manually updated vs. automatically – this will likely change in the next 2-3 years.

With all of the recent ransomware and malware attacks, staying current with OnBase will be easier to ensure it’s as secure as possible.

OnBase Platform Modernization

There are three additional reasons Hyland has developed OnBase Foundation:

  • Modernize Existing Products: OnBase, Perceptive Content, OneContent, Brainware, and Saperion – Hyland has merged these separate development teams and standardizing their versioning by ditching the numbering scheme
  • Add New Products: ShareBase, Content Composer, Enterprise Search, and more – all of which are already built on modern architectures already and to add new capabilities
  • Build Cloud Platform of the Future: Hyland Experience

All of the above establishes a clear path to the future for you so we can meet your current and future needs.

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