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How to Maximize the ROI of Your RPA Implementation

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Managed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a service (RPAAS)

Getting the most out of robotic process automation (RPA) starts with the right technology and structure to optimize workflows and data for efficiency and accuracy.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is an investment that, when designed, implemented, and managed effectively, provides high-level automation for improved efficiency and exceptional ROI. But what happens when you’re just not seeing the results you need?

A lack of structure and management practices is likely holding back the full potential of your RPA solution. Intelligent automation such as RPA is designed for digitizing slow, manual, and repetitive tasks but, for automation tools to be successful, they need access to clean and structured information.

Not All Data Is Created Equal

Organizations handle large quantities of both structured and unstructured data, and RPA thrives best with organized, quantitative and structured information. Think of it this way: you’re training the intelligent technology to recognize patterns, but logical reasoning (a.k.a. qualitative, unstructured data) is still too advanced for our not-yet-sentient robotic “coworkers.”

The success of your RPA solution depends not only on the type of data, but on the quality of the platform, the design and management of your bots. To maximize your investment, use an RPA suite that provides full access to the design and management of your intelligent automation.

Hyland RPA Offers a Suite of Advanced Intelligence Solutions

Hyland RPA is a comprehensive RPA suite with every tool your organization needs to reach the full potential of RPA technology. As a leading content services platform, Hyland’s products are designed for agile adaptivity and an integrated, intelligent workflow experience.

The RPA platform includes a variety of tools for management and optimization of bots, including the Conductor tool that oversees open tasks, as well as the Manager tool, a real-time interface for controlling and customizing Hyland RPA bots.

To reduce strain on IT staff, the platform allows users to quickly build bots using low-code and drag-and-drop tools, helping to eliminate time-intensive training. But if your employees are asking for support, working with an RPA partner can ensure the results you need.

ISSI Launches Managed Services for Optimized RPA

ISSI offers custom, managed RPA solutions to help you maximize the potential of your intelligent automation. Whether your organization is new to RPA or has a mature installation, ISSI’s team can assist with ongoing maintenance and management, as well as training, support, updates, and more.

From defining the project scope to implementation of bots, a managed RPA solution—also known as RPA as a Service (RPAAS)—empowers your team to focus on strategic tasks while we handle the technology. Our teams will perform discovery and analysis of your organization’s environment and needs to further optimize existing and new solutions. With both cloud and on-premise versions of Hyland RPA available, organizations can tailor the automation to their exact needs.

Not only does managed RPA ensure smooth-running bots, it also brings down the total cost of ownership of the technology by eliminating the need to train entire teams on the implementation and management of the RPA. Additionally, ISSI offers on-demand support for smaller, as-needed RPA projects.

ISSI’s managed RPA services adapt to the needs of your organization, and our teams can assist in the expansion of Hyland RPA as an enterprise solution. Our team of veteran engineers live and breathe Hyland OnBase technology and take a proactive approach to getting the most out of your RPA solution.

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