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How Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solutions Can Increase Employee Retention

Friday, May 27, 2022

Learn how advanced document capture, workflow automation, RPA, and document management helps eliminate the tedious work that can drive knowledge workers to leave

While not as bad as the toxic culture cited as the #1 reason people left their jobs as part of the Great Resignation, tedious, manual office work isn’t attractive to young job candidates and may also contribute to the resignation of more experienced employees who don’t want to spend their time mired in data entry and searching for documents.

Advanced Document Capture

Applied to both scanned paper as well as email attachments, advanced document capture software ingests documents and automatically extracts data using optical character recognition (OCR) technologies. Indexing metadata can also be added to help ensure documents can be quickly found later.

With integration from ECM integrators like ISSI, this data can be automatically populated into ERP, Accounting, CRM, HR, and other software solutions you use every day.

Line-item AP invoice data can also be matched with POs (2-way match) and delivery receipts (3-way match). When correctly matched to its supporting data, the invoice is automatically routed for approval and payment. In the event of a mismatch, employees can quickly resolve errors or problems.

Workflow Automation

While advanced document capture software can save your knowledge workers a lot of time by eliminating 60-95% of data entry, workflow automation can save even more time. By automating the routing, processing and approval of invoices, employee file changes, claims, and other document and data-intensive processes, workflow automation can easily generate an ROI of 100% to 300% or more.

Automate the onboarding process and set the right tone with new employees from the start.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

For tasks that advanced document capture and workflow automation are unable to automate, RPA can be an additional productivity solution. RPA is good at automating repetitive, tedious tasks that other software cannot. Whether it’s logging into a vendor’s portal to pull invoices, logging into a government site to pull records, or scraping the web for data, RPA can save your knowledge workers even more time.

Document Management

Simply put, document management – combined with the indexing function of advanced document capture – helps knowledge workers across your department or enterprise find documents in seconds. Less time searching means more time for the higher-level work that drives better decision making.

By working with an ECM integrator like ISSI, you can also have your document management software integrated with the ERP, Accounting, CRM, HR, and other software solutions you use every day. Integration can be designed so that you never need to leave your core applications to search for supporting documents.

Document management software like Hyland OnBase also includes document retention automation so HR and other documents can be automatically purged when their retention period (as required by law or internal policies) has been satisfied.

How to Get Started

ISSI recommends starting with a workflow assessment to learn where manual labor in your processes has your knowledge workers bogged down, and then identify the right mix of ECM solutions to streamline and automate it.

Once these solutions are implemented, you can look forward to more productivity from your knowledge workers, higher retention, less attrition, increased collaboration, and reduced pressure to hire more people for low-level document-centric tasks.

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