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Digitally Enabling Your Remote Workforce for Business Continuity

Friday, April 3, 2020

Digitally Enable Your Remote Workforce

Statewide “shelter in place” orders, self-quarantining efforts, and border closures increasingly require us to establish and enable remote workforce to ensure business continuity. As organizations scramble to connect geographically dispersed teams, many are turning to digital solutions.

At ISSI, we are as committed to ensuring the health of our employees as well as helping our partners smoothly transition to a cloud-based workspace in which employees can communicate, collaborate and conduct business as usual.

ISSI Establishes Emergency Response Team

At our document scanning facilities, our Emergency Response Team has implemented extreme measures to keep our employees safe from COVID-19, including monitoring temperature, ensuring social distancing, and sanitizing our facilities multiple times per day. All other employees have shifted to working remotely.

With a suite of digital solutions, ISSI can assist you in connecting your newly-remote workers.

4 Digital Solutions to Enable Your Remote Workforce

Continuity of business is critical during these difficult times. A variety of digital tools exist to help you and your employees stay connected from the safety of your homes. Here are ISSI’s top four solutions:

1. Data Capture

With scanners and capture software, your employees can scan, automatically extract data, index and upload digital versions of documents to your line-of-business systems, eliminating the need for your team to be physically present in the office to access them.

ISSI can also provide offsite scanning services so that large volumes of paper documents are accessible to your remote workforce throughout the pandemic.

2. Workflow Automation & Document Management

To further help you remote employees work productively, consider implementing simple, helper workflows that route documents for approval, or notify remote workers via email when new work is ready to be processed.

Robotic process automation (RPA) tools can also be deployed quickly to automate repetitive actions that cross application boundaries, such as moving data from one system to another or retrieving updates from a public website.

Cloud document management can be more effective for remote workers than shared drives, cloud file shares, and SharePoint, because it ensures instant, secure and remote access to records and enables automated document retention.

With the three pillars of document capture, workflow automation and document management technology, you can fully enable your entire office to work from home.

3. Free ShareBase & Web Service from Hyland

Keep your users connected, your content accessible and your critical processes moving forward with a free limited-time subscription to ShareBase.

To further improve remote access and support process continuity, OnBase customers also have the opportunity to try OnBase Web Server free for six months. This provides secure, web-based access to your enterprise data and documents, and real-time interactions with business processes: anywhere, any time.

4. Digital Mailrooms

According to a recent study, the COVID-19 coronavirus can last up to 3 days on surfaces. Employees who receive physical mail are therefore at a higher risk of exposure to COVID-19 as they handle envelopes and packages potentially contaminated by postal workers.

To mitigate this risk, implement a digital mailroom. With cutting-edge technology, ISSI can receive, sort, scan, and index your mail. It will then be digitally disseminated to the correct recipients, reducing the risk of postal-spread germs.

How Can We Help?

At ISSI, we are taking extreme measures to keep our employees and clients safe, as we are sure you are too. With heightened safety efforts and a fully functional, remote workforce, ISSI is committed to helping our customers implement digital tools to keep their businesses running smoothly.

In an increasingly globalized society, digital tools will not only protect your workforce from the novel coronavirus but will provide an ongoing, cloud-based workspace to utilize in future times of need.

The ISSI team is here to support you – let us know if we can help.

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