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Are You Overpaying for Your Document Capture Solution?

Friday, September 17, 2021

Document Capture Software

If you haven’t updated your document capture software in a while, you’re likely overpaying – here’s why and what you can do about it

Are you still paying for high volumes of scanned images or paying for more scanning licenses than you are using? Are you stuck with an on-premise capture solution as your other process components move to the cloud?

As organizations go paperless and shift to cloud-based software, those using high-volume document capture software to scan and digitize paper files, forms and other documents may be scanning much lower volumes than in the past.

While you may still need to scan some paper documents, it doesn’t compare to what you used to require. Many companies are still paying for a million-page license, despite only scanning a few hundred thousand pages (or less!) per year, or for 10 client seats when only 1 or 2 people are using them.

You may have purchased 20 licenses, but now only have 5 users within the platform – or perhaps you once scanned thousands of documents a week, now reduced to a few hundred. In either scenario, you may be grossly overpaying on pricy, outdated software. If this sounds like your organization, it may be time to reassess.

Maybe your volume hasn’t changed much, but you are ready to move your capture process to a cloud solution so that you don’t have to maintain servers and infrastructure in-house.

If you haven’t reviewed the ROI of your document capture solution recently, now is the time to do so – and ISSI can help.

Upgrade Your Capture Software to Cut Unnecessary Costs

Many document capture software packages are purchased on a per-click (pay-per-page scanned) or license basis. The more you scan or the more people that you have handling the scanned images, the more you pay.

Then there’s maintenance costs. For on-premise software, maintenance is typically 20% of the original purchase price increasing at 5% per year. Capital expenditures usually requires great scrutiny and multiple layers of approval. However, the cost-to-value ratio of recurring click charges, licensing costs, and maintenance are often ignored – who has the time?

The Usual Suspects

Common capture solutions whose recurring costs may need to be “right-sized” include:

  • Kofax Capture (formerly Ascent Capture)
  • OpenText Intelligent Capture (formerly Captiva InputAccel)
  • AnyDoc
  • Ephesoft
  • IBM FileNet Capture Professional
  • IBM Datacap
  • Notable Solutions, Inc. (NSI) AutoStore
  • Laserfiche Quick Fields
  • Oracle Document Capture
  • ReadSoft
  • Xerox DocuShare

Find the Right Platform for the Job – AND Your Budget

Recently, ISSI worked with two customers who were paying for software they simply didn’t need as much anymore. Both clients were upset that while their volume of scanning had declined their recurring billing had not.

In both cases, ISSI worked with the companies to implement Kodak Info Input, a cloud document capture software that charges based upon monthly subscription licenses. This robust platform allows organizations to choose – and adjust – the exact scope they need.

Get the Results You Need with Info Input

Info Input from Alaris works seamlessly—and cost-effectively—with your enterprise content management (ECM) and workflow automation solutions to scan, validate, index, and route information to the correct business applications – all within a customizable, cloud-based software. This powerful platform allows for centralized, distributed and remote locations.

Here are a few more highlights:

  • For workers that scan regularly, Info Input satisfies all advanced capture needs
  • The platform enables easy information capture across devices, including smart phones and from digital files, such as those emailed
  • Info Input allows you to capture and index from within your current business applications
  • The platform can automatically extract machine print, handwritten, and cursive text with optical character (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR) technology
  • As a web-based platform, there are no software upgrades, driver updates or required IT support for Info Input

Get a Legacy Capture Software Assessment

If you’re unsure of where to start, ISSI can help. Leveraging decades of experience identifying technology solutions for organizations of all sizes and industries, the ISSI team will work with you to identify whether you’re overpaying for your existing document capture software, determine if there is a better solution for your needs, and how to reduce your scanning-related spending.

We can do the same for your document scanners and document management software.

Contact us to learn more about document capture software