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A Digital Scanning Solution that Connects Remote Employees

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Kodak Alaris Portable Desktop Scanners for Remote Workers

As home offices become the status quo during the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations are transitioning to a digital-based work style. Virtual meeting and cloud software are central to the success of newly remote teams.

A variety of document and email capture, workflow automation and RPA software is available to streamline document processing, but uploading physical documents to the cloud still requires the right hardware device: the document scanner.

A Portable, Yet Powerful Business Scanner

At ISSI, we have many options to enable remote workers with document scanning technology. For those looking for a portable, compact solution, Kodak Alaris is the answer.

Whether you’re looking for a desktop model or a high-volume production scanner, Kodak Alaris is available in a variety of models, speeds and more. With their compact size, these scanners can go anywhere, be set up in any environment—including any home office—and can be programmed to scan all documents directly into a shared drive or cloud document management.

3 Critical Features of an At-home Scanning Workstation

Easy Installation & Use

Your remote users will probably need to set up and install their scanners themselves. Most Kodak Alaris scanners are available with USB interfaces and native Windows drivers. Hardware setup is as simple as plugging the scanner into the wall and plugging the USB cable into your computer.

Experienced scanner operators and first-time users will be comfortable with the Kodak device operator controls.

Consistent Quality

You don’t want the quality of your work product to suffer because your team is working from home. New Kodak Alaris scanners use the latest imaging technologies to perform image enhancement right within the device. Users will produce clean, crisp and consistent images that are ready for optical character recognition (OCR) and other digital processing steps.


Equipping at-home users involves an additional investment but missing out on opportunities can be more costly. The capability and flexibility that remote scanning devices bring to your business today will ensure that your business is ready everyday, no matter when your workload grows. Kodak Alaris scanners can be a useful part of your overflow or work-from-home strategy in the future, providing quality scanning output for years to come.

3 Areas of Operational Improvement

Kodak Alaris scanners can improve three key areas of your operation.

Information Onramp

From AP to HR to legal, scanning documents with document capture software, which also captures inbound email attachments, is the first step to streamlining your organization’s ability to onramp information quickly – especially when compared to manual data entry, which is slow and error-prone. And you can scan directly into the cloud without the need for IT intervention.

Records Retention

Storing files in physical drawers and folders is not only a time-consuming and costly endeavor, but also increases the risk of missing or damaged documents. By scanning documents, companies can create a centralized records management system that is accessible any time, anywhere, and is safer from theft, document loss, and destruction as the result of floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.


Scanning eliminates the unproductive tasks of filing paper, finding documents for daily tasks or for auditors, and making decisions without the information you need.

You can get even more productivity by adding workflow automation so that you scan documents into a workflow vs. into a repository only. This is ideal for streamlining AP invoice process, new employee onboarding, claims processing, new client boarding, loan processing, purchasing requisitions, work order processing, and just about any document-intensive process.

A Modern Solution to a Dispersed Workforce

With Kodak Alaris scanners, document capture software and workflow automation, you can maintain social distancing while enabling the productivity of your employees wherever they are.

Let us know how we can help you digitize your organization during these difficult times.

Contact us to learn more about Kodak document scanners


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