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7 Best Practices for Evaluating Document Scanning Service Providers

Thursday, January 24, 2019

If you need a large number of documents scanned, there are many options. You can purchase production document scanners and document scanning software as well as supply the labor to scan them. If you don’t want to incur that capital expense and employee management headache, document scanning outsourcing is an attractive option.

There are many document scanning service providers out there. Some are local mom-and-pop shops, some are national chains, and some are in-between. Some offer scanning for pennies a page, and some charge significantly more. How can you decide what is the best document scanning outsourcing provider for you and your documents?

Below are 7 best practices for evaluating a document scanning service provider.

Best Practices

Here’s what we recommend you look for when you consider hiring a document scanning service providers:

  1. The provider demonstrates a thorough understanding of your needs through some form of document audit and analysis vs. just calculating how many documents need to be scanned
  2. They offer a variety of scanning services to meet your needs: onsite, offsite and scan-on-demand options
  3. They have a long history of maintaining confidentiality and security of client documents through a documented chain-of-custody process (including HIPAA for medical records)
  4. They leverage state-of-the art technology for document scanning, data extraction and document image QC
  5. They allow you to visit their facility so you can see where your documents will be stored and who will scan/QC them
  6. They have a documented testing and quality process that requires internal management sign-off of completion and delivery readiness
  7. They offer document destruction options with signature-required notice of destruction, followed by a certificate of destruction upon completion

Beyond Best Practices

You’ll also want to evaluate the document scanning service providers additional value-add services.

For example, the ISSI BPO Services Team provides consulting and operational services in the following areas:

  • Records Management Consulting: comprehensive professional assessment of a document filing and retention program
  • On-Site Auditing: proven methodologies to audit, correct, and ensure the integrity and security of documents
  • Chain of Custody: formal closed loop process to validate file integrity and security from start to finish
  • Operations: a proven, scalable scanning process that includes document preparation, scanning, indexing and quality control
  • Digital Vault: a combination of both scan-on-demand and closed-loop document scanning

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