Kodak Alaris Scan and View

Kodak Alaris Scan and View Software | ISSI

Kodak Scan and View is an all-in-one scanning, viewing and editing solution built into the Microsoft SharePoint interface. It makes collaboration simple and allows users to add paper documents to SharePoint libraries through their browsers. Extensive, intuitive tools enable you to view scanned and electronic documents almost instantly (in hundreds of formats), as well as annotate, edit, collaborate, improve document images, and search for metadata.

The advantages are immediate and impactful. For example: you’re an operations manager reviewing shipping manifests and discover a page is missing. Without Scan and View Software, you’d need to locate the page, open document scanning software, scan it, and add the page to the manifest file. You would then add notes to the document, save it, and load it back to SharePoint, expending 15 minutes of your valuable time. With Scan and View Software, you review the document right in SharePoint, note the missing page, place the paper in your scanner and scan, add the page to the document, annotate and close the document—never leaving SharePoint. Elapsed time: about three minutes. The savings of time and hassles really add up.

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