OnBase Application Enabler

In the dark ages of enterprise content management (ECM), document management software represented another silo of documents, being marginally better than an electronic filing cabinet.

Then came Hyland’s development of the OnBase Application Enabler, which was an ECM breakthrough that came years before other document management software could offer this capability.

LOB Integration

Application Enabler allows OnBase to integrate with virtually any other critical line-of-business (LOB) application so that users can search and retrieve documents from OnBase without having to leave Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP, Infor, Oracle PeopleSoft, or other ERP, accounting or HR software. Doing so offers the following benefits:

  • Increases user productivity by eliminating application switching and automating manual tasks
  • Improves data accuracy and reduces re-keying of information by pulling data directly from the application screen
  • Expedites and improves business decision making by delivering immediate access to supporting documents
  • Reduces training costs and accelerates user adoption by allowing users to remain in their familiar business applications
  • Eliminates custom integration expense and minimizes integration cycles by providing point-and-click configuration

Integration is easy to implement and virtually transparent to users. The only indication that Application Enabler is running is an icon in the system tray.



As mentioned above, Application Enabler makes it possible to retrieve OnBase content directly from key LOB applications. For example, an accounting system could be configured to retrieve invoices stored in OnBase, allowing users to more easily verify correct billing. Since APIs aren’t, there are no compatibility issues linked to the line-of-business application version.

Additionally, OnBase Application Enabler’s “live retrieval” capability shows documents or even document counts that are related to the information on a line of business screen. This allows for even faster document retrieval.


Application Enabler’s indexing capabilities allow you to index OnBase documents directly from your LOB application, eliminating the need to re-key index information into OnBase.

Form Creation

Application Enabler’s form creation capabilities allow you to create e-forms or Unity Forms based on information in the line-of-business application. These forms can then be routed through OnBase Workflow in order to drive the overall business process.

Get Started with Application Enabler

The best part: Application Enabler is configured to do all this without custom programming, scripting or modifications.

As a result, Application Enabler helps knowledge workers find documents faster, without having to learn the OnBase software interface, so they can spend time on tasks that are more valuable than hunting for information. Speak to an ISSI OnBase expert today to learn how the software could impact your operations and how to get more out of existing implementations.

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