AirBase Document Management Software

AirBase Document Management Software

ISSI Note: AirBase has been discontinued by Hyland Software. Contact us to learn more about OnBase alternatives.

AirBase by Hyland is a simple cloud-based document management application that equips you to take control of the documents that drive your business. Improve productivity with any time, anywhere access from an intuitive, tile-based interface. Get up and running quickly and confidently to see immediate business benefits – without burdening IT.

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Securely Store, Manage & Organize Documents

Add documents to AirBase and classify them into logical groups from any web browser, mobile device or selected multifunction devices. One location for business documents eliminates challenges of paper-based processes and scattered tools like personal drives, paper files and network file shares.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Make documents instantly accessible through any web browser or mobile device – improving productivity while in the office or on the go. An intuitive, tile-based interface and personalized to-do lists enable users to easily find documents they need to make decisions and deliver better customer service.

Get Documents in Front of the Right People in Real-Time

Improve efficiency with user-driven, person-to-person document routing – instantly delivering specific documents to approvers, reviewers and decision-makers. By controlling user security, you ensure only authorized employees have access to confidential or sensitive information.

Reap the Benefits of the Cloud

Be confident that your business information is safe and secure in a private cloud, with individual encryption and no co-mingling of data. Realize the benefits of better document management sooner, without worrying about IT resources and server hardware requirements.

Design, Create, Grow & Maintain Your Solution – Without Burdening IT

AirBase empowers you – and your authorized business users – to create and expand the solution directly from the intuitive user interface. Modify your existing solution and roll out capabilities to new processes, people and business areas as your business grows.

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