CAPSYS Capture


CAPSYS CAPTURE is a powerful software solution that streamlines the process of acquiring documents and information securely and efficiently for Document Imaging and Document Management Systems. CAPSYS CAPTURE offers SMB and Global 2000 Enterprises the ability to automate document driven business processes resulting in a reduction in operational costs, increased productivity and a rapid ROI.

CAPSYS CAPTURE is the first true Web-based document and data capture software built for the Internet and designed to be deployed in either centralized or distributed processing environments. CAPSYS CAPTURE was designed from the very beginning to be thin and easy to deploy at any location. With CAPSYS, you can capture documents and associated information from anywhere in the world with an easy to deploy thin-client capture application designed for high-volume, production use.


  • Capture documents easily from anywhere in the world
  • Capture and index large volumes of documents securely and efficiently
  • Automate complex capture and indexing tasks eliminating manual tasks
  • Import and process Email and Faxes automatically
  • Ensure corporate compliance by managing and monitoring incoming documents
  • Easily integrate with third-party and legacy systems
  • Deploy either as Software as a Service (“SaaS”) hosted in the convenience of our secure data center or as a traditional “on-premise” purchase
  • Enjoy low total cost of ownership

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