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ISSI has been an AnyDoc Software integrator since 2004. The ISSI Team includes former AnyDoc employees, including a member of their professional services group.

AnyDoc CLASSIFY Product Information

AnyDoc CLASSIFY Software | ISSI

Your company receives hundreds, maybe thousands, of documents each day – all of which contain data you need to have entered into your ECM, ERP or financial back-end system. Before these documents can be processed, however, your staff sorts them by their document type. This task alone can take hours to perform, creating a bottleneck in productivity. You need a powerful, automated solution to eradicate this drain of time, resources and money – you need AnyDoc CLASSIFY, powered by Infiniworx.

Simply scan your documents, and AnyDoc CLASSIFY imports the scanned document images, automatically identifies and sorts them by document type, and recognizes any document sets (all pages related to a single document). AnyDoc CLASSIFY then routes these documents wherever they need to go – to defined directories for each type or to another application for further processing, such as OCR for AnyDoc, the award-winning solution for document and data capture.

With AnyDoc CLASSIFY, your documents become sorted and classified automatically where it matters most – on your network. No more waiting for stacks of documents to first get manually separated. No more bottlenecks preventing critical data from entering your back-end system. You’ll experience greater productivity and realize significant labor cost savings.

Let ISSI show you how to implement AnyDoc CLASSIFY software to simplify document scanning and and data capture.

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