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ISSI has been an AnyDoc Software integrator since 2004. The ISSI Team includes former AnyDoc employees, including a member of their professional services group.

AnyDoc CAPTUREit Product Information

Maybe you need to scan and email just a few document images. Or maybe you’re part of a global conglomerate that needs to capture thousands of documents each day at locations around the world.

In both cases—and for all needs in between—AnyDoc CAPTUREit is the ideal tool. The software can work as a stand-alone document capture application, or as part of an end-to-end OCR for AnyDoc automated document and data capture and processing solution. With CAPTUREit, you will eliminate the postage and long-distance phone charges associated with faxing documents. And you’ll speed up your business processes by quickly sending clean PDF, JPEG or TIFF files.

You can use CAPTUREit to achieve the following:

  • Scan locally or remotely
  • Scan and email on-the-fly
  • Interface with any TWAIN-compatible scanner
  • Ensure clean images with CAPTUREit’s Quality Assure phase
  • Organize documents after scanning—not by shuffling paper beforehand
  • Encrypt your documents for secure transfer
  • Send batches at the best time for you

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