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With ABBYY Vantage OCR Skill from ISSI, you can digitize, analyze, and extract rich text from images and documents.

What is ABBYY Vantage OCR Skill?

ABBYY Vantage OCR Skill is an automated cloud OCR service that transforms documents into structured, actionable, process-ready content. It helps organizations accelerate the flow of information, gain insight from documents, and empower decision-making. With flexible integration methods and an extensive feature set, ABBYY Vantage OCR Skill provides companies with an easy-to-implement, advanced cognitive service with minimal configuration required.

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Primary Benefits

  • Achieve the highest OCR accuracy without being an expert: Vantage OCR Skill provides highly accurate recognition from images and documents of machine-printed text in over 200 languages, along with barcode detection and recognition
  • Advanced PDF processing: Powerful PDF processing, compression, and conversion capabilities
  • Image understanding: Analyze the layout of each individual page as well as the structure of the document. The layout of each page is systematically checked to detect the placement of text, paragraphs, images, barcodes, tables, and other elements. Then, the information is delivered via JSON for further data analysis or machine learning tasks
  • Automated table extraction: Detect and extract tables and line items including invoices, financial reports, and medical records
  • Utilize OCR with other Vantage Skills and pre-trained models: Combine the OCR Skill with other ABBYY Vantage document skill services to create customized machine learning models that classify documents and extract information from all types of documents
  • Deploy anywhere, from the cloud to on-premise: Utilize Vantage OCR with virtually any application or device using the Vantage REST API

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