ABBYY FlexiCapture Automated Redaction

ABBYY FlexiCapture Software

ABBYY FlexiCapture’s redaction tool allows you to “hide” confidential or sensitive information from specified fields in documents with a black bar or custom image. When readying document images for archiving, you can use FlexiCapture to quickly convert the images to searchable PDF or PDF/A files.

How Automated Redaction Works

To configure the automated redaction, refer to the field scripting object IField dedicated property “Regions” (scripting object of IFieldRegions type) and then each region property “Picture” (scripting object of IPictureObject type).

If the text is not in the field, or if you need to redact only part of the field text, you will need to set text coordinates of the regions for redaction. You can use the page scripting object IPage properties “FullText” and “FullTextCharRects” to find the text you would like to redact and get its coordinates.

Note: if you want to redact part of the field text you may get field character regions from the IField “Symbols” property (ICharactersParams scripting object).


//C# script sample for document processing script stage
//Create editable copy of the page image where target field region is located
IEditablePictureObject eidtablePictureObject = Document.Field("Document Section Name\\TargetField").Regions[0].Page.Picture.CreateEditableCopy();

//Erase the image of the only region (index "0") of field "TargetField" 
eidtablePictureObject.Erase(Document.Field("Document Section Name\\TargetField").Regions[0].Rects[0].ToString());

//Replace page image with edited image
Document.Field("Document Section Name\\TargetField").Regions[0].Page.ReplaceImage(eidtablePictureObject);

Need Automated Redaction Help?

If you would like to evaluate ABBYY FlexiCapture’s automated redaction capability, see a demo, and get help to configure it, contact the FlexiCapture experts at ISSI.

Contact us to learn more about automated redaction