AnyDoc EXCHANGEit Software | ISSI

Data drives every business decision. To grow, to innovate, businesses need accurate data that move from origin to destination - through your business systems - fast.

AnyDoc EXCHANGEit can help. If you use OCR for AnyDoc to automatically capture and process documents and data, EXCHANGEit is the ideal tool for moving data files and documents to your back-end applications. Through a drag-and-drop interface, you can bridge incompatible formats, transfer files on-the-fly or automate transport to occur at the best time for your business practices and infrastructure.

You can use EXCHANGEit to:

  • Eliminate the need for a file conversion program
  • Drag-and-drop mapping from source to destination
  • Customize file transfer scheduling
  • Automate tasks for better efficiency
  • Review exceptions without rerunning entire batches
  • Use VB Scripting for flexibility and data validation
  • Accommodate a wide range of destinations

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