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While it may seem simple to scan your documents, everyone has a slightly different need. Organizations have a wide variety of requirements when it comes to managing their paper. It could be as simple as getting rid of their filing cabinets to save space, or outsourcing an entire healthcare or patient-related billing process with complex forms. Some projects even require that the documents must be scanned on-site.

With over 18 years experience converting paper into digital images, we've just about seen it all, and have the clients to prove it. Our teams have performed simple backfile conversions, where the client just needed to eliminate filing cabinets. In other cases, we provided an on-site scanning service for extremely sensitive documents that could not leave the client's offices. We give you the images in whatever format you need, and make sure that they are loaded into your content management system quickly and efficiently. Finally, our quality processes assure accountability from when we pick up the document to delivery, and even destruction certification.

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Document Scanning Specialties

In addition to scanning large volumes of paper documents, we scan the following:

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  • Memphis, TN
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Chattanooga, TN (Cleveland)
  • Roanoke, VA


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