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Legal Contract Management Solutions from ISSI

Managing legal documentation using paper is, at best, chaotic. Tracking contract revisions and approvals can be quite a complex process. Managing legal actions and documentation that you initiate or that are initiated against your organization can be quite difficult, as the required documentation can be quite extensive. Having a solution that tracks all communications, documents and actions reduces your liability and improves your legal department's efficiency.

We have solutions that can optimize your legal department's activities, ultimately enabling them to do more. Our ECM solutions keep track of the entire contract creation and approval process, assuring that your contracts reflect your most recent language and policies. Our solutions also simplify case management, enabling you to track a legal action from when it was started to the final judgment. Automatic reminders enforce accountability, and the solution's security enables the right staff to see the right document at the right time. The contracts, communications and processes that drive your legal operations become systematically secure, and you have accountability throughout your organization.

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Legal Contract Management Solutions from ISSI

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