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To ensure that your organization has instant access to critical information for the most effective decision-making, you need the best technology to capture it in the first place—start strong to deliver the best results. Here are some of the industry leaders we work with:

With Capture and Kofax Transformation Module (KTM), Kofax is the market leader for enterprise-wide capture, automatic classification and data extraction for any type of document.

AnyDoc offers the most sophisticated automated document, data capture and classification with OCR for AnyDoc and Infiniworx. These applications excel with both structured and unstructured applications, including claims, invoices, mortgages, and patient records.

Kodak production scanners are simply the best for intelligent document scanning, reliability and quality, from centralized to distributed capture.

Fujitsu document scanners are the most widely used and cost-effective in the world by adding value to any organization.


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