Kodak Announces Capture Software End-of-Life

Kodak Announces Capture Software End-of-Life

Memphis, TN – May 6, 2010 – Imaging Solutions and Services, Inc., a nationwide system integrator and outsourcing provider of document imaging business process improvement technologies, is assisting clients to evaluate current deployments of Kodak Capture Software and develop plans to upgrade their capture systems to Capture Pro.

Kodak, the leading provider of document scanners and capture software, launched Kodak Capture Software over fifteen years ago and has recently launched a fully re-designed version of the software called Kodak Capture Pro. With the release of Kodak Capture Pro the stage has been set for the discontinuance of Kodak Capture Software.

Effective June 1, 2011, Kodak will no longer provide support for Kodak Capture Software. Until that date, ISSI clients with a valid software assurance agreement will continue to have access to technical support for Kodak Capture Software v6.12 as the product currently exists. Service will include technical support by phone and e-mail; it will not include bug fixes or feature enhancements.

Wes Butler, Chief Technology Officer for Imaging Solutions and Services Inc, recommends, "All clients using the Kodak Capture Software should immediately review all current and planned configurations to determine the impact of the latest Kodak End of Life announcement. ISSI is available to assist clients whose plans are impacted and can provide support to chart an appropriate upgrade path.

"Within its four Business Process Outsourcing operations centers, ISSI has been a long time user of Kodak Capture Software, Kofax Ascent Capture, Kofax Capture, AnyDoc Software, Adobe software and A2iA Software. This experience, coupled with our certified reseller status of these capture systems and our early development partnership with Kodak Capture Pro Software, makes ISSI is uniquely capable to help its clients develop a structured plan to upgrade and evolve how they use their capture system. ISSI's technical staff is prepared to engage to provide application assessment assistance, transition planning, and system upgrade support services. Clients may contact ISSI at support@issi-online.com or by calling (800) 948-9466."

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