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Kodak Alaris Document Scanners

From desktop to high-volume production scanning, ISSI will implement the ideal Kodak document scanner solution for your organization.

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Scanner Range Model Speed (PPM/IPM)* Feeder Capacity Duty Cycle† Comments
Network Scan Station 710 70/140 75 6,000 Duplex, touch screen with 10/100/1000 Base T connectivity
Network Scan Station 730EX 70/140 75 6,000 Same as the 710 plus output to Kofax Front Office Server
Desktop ScanMate i940 20/40 20 1,000 Compact, USB-powered
Desktop ScanMate i1150 30/60 75 3,000 Faster, more robust version of the i940 with a larger feeder
Desktop ScanMate i1150WN 30/60 75 3,000 i1150 with the ability to scan wirelessly from your mobile device
Desktop i1190 40/80 75 5,000 Faster, more robust version of the i1150
Desktop i1190E 40/80 75 5,000 i1190 with Perfect Page image enhancement software
Desktop i1190WN 40/80 75 5,000 i1190 with the ability to scan wirelessly from your mobile device
Desktop i2420 40/80 75 5,000 i1190 with a 7-segment, touchscreen display
Desktop i2620 60/120 100 7,000 Best value of the i2000 Series
Desktop i2820 70/140 100 8,000 Top-of-the-line i2000 Series model
Desktop i2900 60/120 250 10,000 Most robust Workgroup scanner with a built-in A4 flatbed
Departmental i3200 50/100 250 15,000 The fastest, most robust departmental scanner on the market
Departmental i3250 50/100 250 15,000 i3200 with integrated flatbed
Departmental i3300 70/140 250 17,500 Faster version of the i3200
Departmental i3400 90/180 250 20,000 Faster version of the i3300
Departmental i3450 90/180 250 20,000 i3400 with integrated flatbed
Departmental i3500 110/220 300 25,000 Faster i3450 without the flatbed
Production i4250 110/220 500 40,000 Faster, more robust than i3000 Series
Production i4650 130/260 500 75,000 Best value of the i4000 Series
Production i4850 150/300 500 125,000 Top-of-the-line i4000 Series model
Production i5250 150/300 750 No Limit Includes intelligent document protection, barcode reading, intelligent imprinting, and patch counting
Production i5250V 150/300 750 No Limit i5250 with Kofax VRS CGA hardware and professional software
Production i5650 180/360 750 No Limit Best value of the i5000 Series
Production i5650V 180/360 750 No Limit i5650 with Kofax VRS CGA hardware and professional software
Production i5850 210/420 750 No Limit Faster i5250/5650 with built-in table and optional controlled dual stacking accessory
Production i5850S 210/420 750 No Limit i5850 with automated sorting via 3 output trays configured through TWAIN and ISIS drivers

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